Friday, March 16, 2012

Green Is My Favorite Color

Happy Shamrock Day Eve!  I am by no means Irish, though my mother says we are 1/16 Irish, but that doesn't mean I cannot celebrate a day of drinking beer (one of my many favorite things, though to this day, I have yet to consume an actual green beer on St. Patrick's Day), wearing green (which is totally my favorite color), and celebrate the beauty of a country that actually holds the #1 spot in my "MUST TRAVEL TO" list.

I'm highlighting my "Irish Countryside Wallpapers" folder from My Docs...
How gorgeous is this?!

Sigh... I think I dream about Ireland because we only see this kind of green
here in Texas when the hay fields have just sprouted...
corn never gets this green.  It's pretty but hay/alfalfa is closer...

Have you figured it out yet?  I am distracting you with gorgeous Irish countryside pics because I'm not giving you a recipe today.  Sorry.  

Are you over it yet?  You'll get plenty of recipes next week... Enjoy Ireland.

BUT... I did have a reason for posting today, though.  I wanted to let you know that on Sunday or Monday, I'll have a super fun post for you all about the exciting foods and drinks I get to consume on our mini-getaway to Gruene, Texas.  

It's German.  It's pronounced Green.  And, I think it's a perfectly fitting place to celebrate St. Patrick's Day!  If you've never been, Gruene is an adorable tourist trap historic town between San Antonio and Austin just off I-35 in the center of the hill country, perfectly situated on the banks of the Guadalupe River.  

I've been going to Gruene with my family for little "day trips" since I was in high school (going on 14 years now), and it just never gets old.  There are so many cute shops, eateries (including The Grist Mill), and wine tasting places-not to mention an historic dance hall and beautiful hill country views-that you can keep returning without every getting bored.

Weekend trip to Gruene in August 2011 for a Bachelorette Party
This was taken at The Grist Mill

Us in front of Gruene Hall, the oldest dance hall in Texas
(that's southern talk for, "No AC even in the summer")

And, now back to the reason you are reading this...  as I mentioned above, I am going to document my weekend in Gruene with the hubby and our friends (Troy and Susan) as I eat and drink my way through the Hill Country this weekend!  

On the Agenda This Weekend

-  Hopefully we stop at the famed Austin BBQ place, The Salt Lick, for dinner tonight
-  Sherwood Forest Faire on Saturday (this is where I hope to get my first green beer)
-  I'm sure an excellent dinner at one of Gruene's great eateries after the faire
-  Roger Creager (pronounced CrAger) concert at Gruene Hall Saturday night
-  And I'm sure we'll plan something fabulous on our way back to DFW on Sunday

So, I hope I've provided you with a nice little break today, and I hope you come back Monday to see how much weight I put on over St. Patrick's Day weekend.  Just kidding.  I'll be dancing the calories away, but I promise to have some fun stories for you next week!  Have a safe and fun St. Patrick's Day!

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